Travel Often? Plan With Pro Travel Planner App

Travel Often? Plan With Pro Travel Planner App

If you are a frequent business traveler, you need more than a phone or an organizer to plan your travel itineraries. Your travel itinerary can have an endless list of things to do – travel documents, business calls and meetings, hotel bookings, checklists of things to pack. Use your smartphone to it’s complete ability by using travel apps to manage your travel. Here is what Pro Travel Planner app can do. Download it here!


1. Add all your trips in one place – List all your trips on one screen whether they are scheduled on different dates, venues, or have different budgets. The app gives you an instant glance into your travel plans.

2. Include your travel companions – The Pro Travel Planner app allows you to add the names, contacts, and even financial contribution to your travel budget if there is any. Have all your travel buddies install the app to sync financial and travel information. The app can calculate the budget, expenses, and contributions automatically.

3. Planning – There’s a lot you need to plan during your travel. The Pro Travel Planner app has relevant sections like lodging, food, transportation, contacts, and even a summary of your trip. You can fill these sections with addresses, phone numbers, websites, budgets, and dates. You can make calls and send messages within the app.

4. Common Packing List – The app has a prepared packing list with common items that are usually necessary on trips. Often you might forget to carry simple electronic items like chargers, pen drives, headphones, and so on. If you are traveling with children, you can’t afford to forget anything essential. Trust the app with your packing list.

5. Timeline: The timeline module in Pro Travel Planner app gives you an insight into your daily itinerary – where and when is your breakfast meeting, when can you catch the tourist bus, and if you have any time between these events to do anything else. On short trips, time is extremely valuable and that is the most important and challenging aspect to manage.

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