5 Essential Gadgets To Be On Your Travel List

5 Essential Gadgets To Be On Your Travel List

We travel the world with technology in our pockets. The list of gadgets is endless – smartphones, laptops, smartwatches, chargers, and so on. But it’s the small accessories that matter the most because they give all these gadgets life.

1. External Hard Drive:  You can’t rely on your laptop or phone’s memory for everything that you need while you are traveling. The in-built memory storage of most devices are limited which can create difficult situations. It’s smart to have an external memory drive or a hard drive in your laptop bag. Load it with your files, photos, videos, movies – anything you would like. You can opt for Toshiba’s external hard drive – one of the top rated drives.

2. Mobile Wi-Fi: We can’t live without internet and it’s either not going to be everywhere you travel or it’s going to be frail. Airports, stations, restaurants, and even in some hotels. Huawei’s WiFi hotspot  and Netgear’s Unite Mobile WiFi hotspot is one of the top-rated you can shop online.

3. Universal Travel Adapter:  It is kind of frustrating how every country has a different electrical outlet that stops you from charging your laptop or using your hair straightener. A compact universal adapter is nothing less than an investment especially if you are in the country hopping business. The Insten Universal World Wide Travel Charger is the perfect choice since it works for several devices in 150 countries.

4. Portable Charger: You are not going to be able to plug in your laptop or phone into a electrical outlet while you are traveling. A portable charger gives you the peace of mind that no matter how long you use your device, it will always be active. Anker PowerCore is a favorite given that it’s the most cost-effective, lightest, and compact.

5. Extra long charging cables: Why do you need long charging cables? Because plug outlets are not necessarily going to be next to the bed or your desk where you can use your device while it’s charging. Long cables allow you to use your device while charging no matter how far your charger is plugged in. You can find an entire pack of long charging cables that are suitable for different devices and different brands.

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