5 Great Places To Travel With Low Budget

5 Great Places To Travel With Low Budget

We all love to travel, but this sometimes involves a large expenditure of money… How many plans have been canceled because of their high cost? Don’t complicate yourself! The world is too big, you should dare and travel to some of these amazing –and cheap– places!


Peculiar gastronomy, beautiful culture and a new spiritual meaning can be expected in this country. A typical dish can cost you from 60 cents to a dollar and the train ride costs only one or two bucks.


Are you a frequent flyer and have not visited this marvelous country yet? What are you waiting for? Hosting only costs about $4 night. Besides having too many places to visit, is also a beautiful place to get married… In case you’re thinking to.


Let us guess… Did you think about Machu Picchu? Well, in addition to being able to visit this beautiful paradise, we have to tell you that a taxi in the city of Lima will cost only $7, also, the Peruvian food is know for being one of the most rich and delicious in the world!


You simply can’t leave this natural paradise out of your bucket list. Have you ever been in Tanzania? Or rather… Have you visited a country that starts with the letter Z? Well, Zimbabwe can be the first.


Why visit a single island when you can visit around 17,000 in Indonesia? The favorite country of the curious is waiting for you.

Take advantage of this new year to start planning a great trip! And of course, don’t forget to take Pro Travel Planner on your mobile device!

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